Best Agriculture College In Meerut

The workforce is an intriguing mix of academicians and industry experienced people who make our students skillful. They give vital abilities to the understudies making us the best horticulture school in Meerut.

Course educational plan is the premise of value schooling. Through industry-the scholarly community organization the school has contrived the prospectus that gets ready future researchers and Agro-business visionary. These accomplishments make us the top Horticulture School of Meerut.

The foundation works in a joint effort with Agriculture driving associations to give research based schooling in the country. During the Crown wave there has been a mass migration of travelers back to towns. This expanded the requirement for rustic work. By running position arranged courses, this top horticulture school of Meerut has advanced rustic work.

The world is recognizing the advantages of natural cultivating. Because of expanded utilization of pesticides, the instances of malignant growth have expanded. To address this, the Establishment conducts normal studios, courses to prepare ranchers on natural cultivating enlarging their livelihoods hence making it the best B SC Farming School in Meerut.

SVU under VGI runs Confirmation, B.Sc. in Farming, Agriculture and Modern Fish and fisheries at its Gajraula Grounds. We likewise run M SC Agronomy and MSc in Hydroponics and Applied fisheries at our grounds.

VGI Meerut is a data community for Sri Venkateshwara College. Every one of the above courses, their classes, enlistment, assessment process are led at Sri Venkateshwara College, Gajraula U.P.

The School of Agrarian Sciences readies the understudies for vocations in –

Higher Scholarly pursuits

State Branch of Horticulture

Nationalized banks

Government and confidential area


Horticulture industry